marjorie mcIntyre

I am from b.c. canada and am wondering if we are not related my grand grandmother was Sarah Campbell McIntyre  died 100 yrs ago  came from Scotland with 8 children, but had many offsprings go to USA , if you are interested in making a contact with me please reply, M

marjorie Klassen(McIntyre
Fort St. James

Love the Sunday Brunch!!!

Love the Sunday brunch! Good food, Good price. I live in Exeter Ca. (About 20 minutes away) My wife and I love to visit and its short drive home. Regardless where you are coming from, it's worth the trip!!!! View of the river is FANTASTIC... SO COOL. Manny

Manny Mendoza
Exteter, Calif.



stewart Roy


The food and the attention was really good. Congratulations. Happy New Year from Argentina!!

Family Caserta


It's always a treat coming up here to eat!!

Jan Robinson


Great food and dessert!! Had not been here in a long time. Compliments to the Chef and waitress. 

THank you!!!

Mary Feryan


Food and service were exceptional. 

Thank you.



Rode up with some friends from visalia for a short ride and breakfast. Great ride, great food and beautiful surroundings. Will do again-so should you.



We loved the dinner we had in the Gateway Restaurant!! We had a waitress, I think her name was Heather (?). She was amazing! Very friendly! Thank you so much!!



Had a fantastic stay in a cabin right on the river.  Food's great, and it couldn't be a better location!


Bike Trip - perfect stop!

My buddy and I were on a bike trip into the Sequoias and we rode past this place on the way up and bookmarked it for the trip back just based on how it smelled.

The next day we stopped in for lunch and having lived in Los Angeles for 10 years I could kind of tell what this place was about.

Honestly, I think part of going out to eat is knowing your venue.  You're never going to order pasta at a bar, or a burger at sushi place.    I'm not saying that all the pubs in the world need to remove Tequito's from their menu - but you pretty much have to know where NOT to order things.  That being said, I'm not going to spend more than $25 on just about anything unless I really know the place.  I have no problem ordering a $50 Filet from the place that I like to get a $50 filet....

You have to aim for the middle of the road - and this place has incredible sandwich written all over it.

I ordered the BLT and my buddy ordered the Reuben and we decided to trade for half - everyone wins.

The Reuben was perfect.  Nice and hot, tangy thousand island.....

The BLT was the same.  Good bacon, fresh veggies and the coleslaw might have been the best I have ever had.

A.J. R
Los Angeles
United States

Great place to stay

What a surprise this place was!  We came here two nights in a row.  Everyone was friendly and the service was great.  The view overlooking the river is really lovely too.  

The first night, my husband had the surf and turf of filet and lobster tail.  I had the eggplant parmesan.  Both come with potato or rice and salad or soup.  The salad was fresh and Italian dressing refreshing.  The twice baked potato was perfect.  My husband loved the filet and lobster.  I had a bite of his lobster and it was super sweet and delicious.  I didn't care for the eggplant parmesan which was plain slices of eggplant baked with a little tomato sauce and a lot of cheese.  We came back the next night so both of us could get our own lobster and rice pilaf and it was yummmmy!

Jean C.
Los Gatos, CA
United States
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